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WHAT’S IN A NAME? Sometimes less than you think!

WHAT’S IN A NAME? Sometimes less than you think!

by Don Molde


Our personal names probably say more about our parents than about us.  Corporation, business, agency names often suggest a purpose, product or mission; a short-hand way of understanding what they are about.

Take, for example, the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) and its nine-member politically appointed overseers, the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners (NBWC).  

The word, ‘wildlife’, in each title would reasonably suggest to ordinary citizens that wildlife has a priority in the functioning of the agency.  Presumably that would include a concern for unnecessary suffering or death of any wildlife species.  Why would it not?

In short, what’s to worry about with wildlife in Nevada given the agency’s very name? 

Well, sometimes names are misleading.  

Let’s take a look at a few long-standing issues that raise serious questions about the commitment of NDOW/NBWC to its duty to wildlife in Nevada.  

(Keep in mind that Nevada Revised Statutes 501.100 clearly states that wildlife is a public asset, not a possession of NDOW/NBWC or sportsmen.)
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