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Trophy Hunting Must End!

Trophy Hunting Must End!

Stop ILLEGAL TRADE OF IVORY! Stop TROPHY HUNTING!! This beautiful creature was murdered for 60K. Is that what dead elephants are now worth? Do you know how much money people would be willing to pay to see a magestic animals like this ALIVE? This atrocity of sport hunting must end and we can stop it with our voices. Please get involved now and do what you can to make certain we do not lose any more of these incredible animals to barbaric archaic stupidity!

Less than three months after Cecil the Lion was shot dead, a German hunter has killed a large elephant with 122lb tusks in a game park in Zimbabwe.
The elephant is thought to have been the biggest shot in living memory when it was killed on October 8 in Gonarezhou National Park in south-east Zimbabwe.

The identity of the elephant remains unknown but it is thought to have been in its mid-40s and had not been spotted in the park before it was killed.
Photos of the dead elephant and its lengthy tusks emerged on social media, drawing both praise on pro-hunting groups and anger from conservationists.

Mr Rodrigues confirmed the death of the elephant.
He said it is suspected that the animal may have come from the Kruger Park in South Africa.
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‘A huge elephant with tusks weighing 122 pounds was killed in Gonarezhou by a German hunter. We suspect this elephant may have come from Kruger Park,’ he said. ‘His tusks were so big that they dragged along the ground when he was walking,’ he said.
‘The most disappointing thing is that when a local Zimbabwean kills an animal for food for his family, he is sentenced to between 5 and 15 years in prison but when a wealthy foreign hunter comes in and shoots an animal, he gets away with it. What message are we giving the people?’
But Kruger spokesman William Mabasa cast doubt on the theory that the beast had originated at his park, saying: ‘If this elephant came up from the Kruger, he would have had to go through all the communities on the edge of Gonarezhou and someone would have seen him. It’s not possible.’

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