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Reversing America’s Wildlife Crisis

Reversing America’s Wildlife Crisis

Reversing America’s Wildlife Crisis SECURING the Future of Our Fish and Wildlife

Copyright © 2018 National Wildlife Federation Lead Authors: Bruce A. Stein, Naomi Edelson, Lauren Anderson, John J. Kanter, and Jodi Stemler. Suggested citation: Stein, B. A., N. Edelson, L. Anderson, J. Kanter, and J. Stemler. 2018. Reversing America’s Wildlife Crisis: Securing the Future of Our Fish and Wildlife. Washington, DC: National Wildlife Federation. Acknowledgments: This report is a collaboration among National Wildlife Federation (NWF), American Fisheries Society (AFS), and The Wildlife Society (TWS). The authors would like to thank the many individuals from these organizations that contributed to this report: Taran Catania, Kathleen Collins, Patty Glick, Lacey McCormick, and David Mizejewski from NWF; Douglas Austen, Thomas Bigford, Dan Cassidy, Steve McMullin, Mark Porath, Martha Wilson, and Drue Winters from AFS; and John E. McDonald, Jr., Darren Miller, Keith Norris, Bruce Thompson, and Gary White from TWS. We are especially grateful to Maja Smith of MajaDesign, Inc. for report design and production.

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