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Public Lands Day (2023)

Public Lands Day (2023)

Above: All footage and images were taken in summer 2023 as our team runs the road to assess ranges, herds and roundups.

Today is Public Lands Day.

Wild horses and burros are part of the system of public lands in in United States. Congress found them fast-disappearing and declared them integral to that system in 1971.

Today, our public domain is rapidly disappearing. The number one issue faced by wild horses (and all beings that call the wild place home) is habitat loss and fragmentation.

Wild horses housed in facilities are NOT a tax-payer burden. The subsidies to livestock and mining that drive roundups year after years makes the cost of holding not much more than pocket change in comparison.

Accelerated removals, mashups of multiple forms of fertility control without any analysis of what that mix will actually do (various vaccines, sex-skewing, I.U.D, gelding, burning oviducts closed, etc.), overstocking holding, record numbers slipping to slaughter… none of that solves anything and only magnifies every single break in the system and where big corporate money had led.  Change is desperately needed.

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