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Guest column: Wyoming wolf torture at least spurred some action

Guest column: Wyoming wolf torture at least spurred some action

As a lifelong hunter, naturalist, and former game and fish agency information officer, I have to salute Wyoming resident Cody Roberts for accomplishing something I and all other wildlife advocates have failed at for decades.

In a single day, he turned most of the public (including conservative politicians) against the popular sport of “wolf whacking” — i.e., chasing them to exhaustion with snowmobiles, then running them over until they’re crippled or dead. This week, Congressman Troy Nehls (R-TX) — a strong conservative, former sheriff, hunter, and gun-rights enthusiast — announced he’s leading national legislation to rid our federal lands of ramming and crushing animals with snowmobiles.

Here’s how Roberts facilitated the bill: On February 29th, after severely crippling an adolescent female wolf with his snowmobile, he duct-taped her mouth shut, strapping on a shock collar for additional torture. He then dragged the traumatized, bleeding, crying pup into his hometown watering hole — the Green River Bar in Daniel, Wyoming — where he mugged for patrons who photographed him justling her and pretending to kiss her muzzle. Read More…

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