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Event: Living With Urban Coyotes Workshop

Living With Urban Coyotes Workshop

 Why are coyotes here?
 How did they get here?
 Why won’t they leave?
Perhaps the question we should be asking is how can I learn to live with urban coyotes? This 2-
hour workshop will answer these questions and more while providing participants with the
knowledge they need to live with Northern Nevada’s urban coyotes.
Speakers participating in this workshop include:
 Jessica Heitt, Urban Wildlife Coordinator, Nevada Department of Wildlife
 Pat Jackson, Wildlife Staff Specialist, Nevada Department of Wildlife
 Carl Frey, Wildlife Biologist, Animal and Plant Inspection Service (APHIS) USDA
Monday, August 14 ● 6-8 pm
Nevada Department of Wildlife
1100 Valley Rd ● Reno, NV 89512
Free and open to the public
For more information: email jheitt@ndow.org
or call 775-688-1501

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